This is a short summary of details otherwise published on the main project homepage under "Installation". Please refer to those pages for more information:

This product requires a Sun or IBM JRE 1.5.0 or newer.

Full product archives

Most likely you want to install the product. The simplest way is to fetch the product archives, extract them, and run.

  1. Fetch the "common" archive, which has the target-independent guts of the product:
  2. And fetch the base product archive for your host OS:

    (If your host OS is not one of these, you will need to use update sites; see below.)

  3. Unzip both of these into the same place. They will extract into an "esbox" or "pluthon" directory and will contain a full Eclipse installation.
  4. Run the appropriate executable (e.g. esbox, esbox.exe,

Archived update sites

This product may be installed into a working Eclipse Ganymede (3.4.x) product by using the [esbox|pluthon|mica] archives as an archived update site.

More details at:

Other archives here