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Release Name: 0.2.2010.07-2-1

This is a fork of original mafw-gst-renderer that comes with MAFW package. It
adds a 10-band equalizer to the renderer.

Equalizer values for each band are stored in gconf (branch
/system/mafw/mafw-gst-eq-renderer/band<n>, where n=[0..9] corresponds to bands
29Hz, 59Hz, 119Hz, 227Hz, 474Hz, 947Hz, 1889Hz, 3770Hz, 7523Hz and 15011Hz,
respectively). Each value is the gain for that band, being between -24dB and

To set equalizer, one must change the value in gconf; the renderer will react
inmediately and update the corresponding value in gstreamer's equalizer.

In case the application client does not provide a utility to change the
equalizer, a Control Panel applet is provided too, that shows a graphical
equalizer that user can use to set the equalizer. This applet allows also to
save, load and delete presets.

Building this plugin will generate a package called 'mafw-gst-eq-renderer'. The
obtained plugin is named 'Mafw-Gst-Eq-Renderer-Plugin', the source is
'Mafw-Gst-Eq-Renderer' and the UUID for this renderer is 'gsteqrenderer'.

What's new in 0.2.2010.07-2-1?

* Merged changes from mafw-gst-renderer 0.2.2010.07-2

Changes: Short log for 0.2.2010.07-2-1mtr ================================ Juan A. Suarez Romero (1): Merged changes from mafw-gst-renderer 0.2.2010.07-2

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