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Release Name: mplayer_1.0rc1-maemo.26

mplayer (1.0rc1-maemo.26) unstable; urgency=low

  * Default audio output changed to SDL again for OS2008
  * Disabled libmpeg2, ffmpeg decoder is now faster for MPEG2
  * Fixed aspect ratio problems when using -wid option and playing 
    video in windowed mode (patch from MoRpHeUz)
  * Reuse existing 'vo_x11_putkey' function in '-vo nokia770' video driver,
    it should fix keyboard hotkeys problem on N810.
  * '-vo nokia770' driver renamed to '-vo omapfb'
  * Some more ARM VFP optimizations

 -- Siarhei Siamashka <>  Tue, 11 Mar 2008 08:26:17 +0200

mplayer (1.0rc1-maemo.25) unstable; urgency=low

  * Implemented feature request #823 ('A resume play function?'), patch from Vlad Vasiliev
  * Decoding at half resolution is now usable ('-lavdopts lowres=1' command line option)
  * Fixed issue #2091 ('nokia770 video driver does not get enabled on N810')
  * Fixed issue #1962 ('mp4(divx) playing VERY slowly with MPlayer 1.0rc1-maemo.24.n8x0')
  * Backported fix for broken audio delay setting in OSD menu from upstream mplayer
  * A tweak for ALSA sound output code for better A2DP support suggested by 'rm_you' 
  * Some initial ARM11 VFP optimizations (floating point vorbis decoder 'ffvorbis' is
    now almost as fast as fixed point 'tremor' decoder), more optimizations are expected
    in the next releases
  * debian/rules: get hwid from changelog if it's not found in
    DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. Preparation for autobuilder
  * debian/rules: BUILDID renamed to BUILDMSG

 -- Siarhei Siamashka <>  Mon,  4 Feb 2008 01:02:20 +0200


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