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Release Name: 2.0

This is the first release of the 2.x version of
Maemo Mapper.  It focuses on increased
functionality at the cost of some CPU efficiency.

Major upgrades include a database-driven map
repository, rotating viewpoint, GPSD compatibility,
and new POI functionality.
See the changelog for the (mostly)
complete list of changes.

This release works on the 770 and N800, but you
may find it too slow to use on the 770.  It
depends on your personal tastes, but the
combination of database use and rotational
functionality have slowed down screen drawing

Changes: * Changed map repositories to use gdbm instead of file system. * Changed track and route temporary files to use sqlite instead of GPX. (Save and Open operations still use GPX.) * Changed map retrieval to use threads. * Changed NMEA retrieval to support GPSD and to use a separate thread. * Added POI import, download, browser, and export. * Added support for view rotation. Also threaded view creation. * Added an on-screen compass that points north. * Added support for dragging the view in order to pan. * Added support for repositories with no map cache at all. * Added hourglass to notify users when a redraw is occurring. * Replaced old internet connectivity with support for libconic0. * Reorganized the view-related menu items into an expanded "View" menu. * Added Pre-cache option to reduce the amount of time that black areas are on the screen while in Auto-download mode. * Modified the Waypoint Notification Window to use a progress bar; this should also fix some of the flicker that used to occur. * Improved the robustness of bluetooth receiver error handling (no more crashing when out of range). * Improved memory utilization. * Reorganized the code for greater readability.

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