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Release Name: 2.0.1

This is a minor bugfix release of Maemo Mapper,
fixing many of the bugs that were revealed upon
initial release of Maemo Mapper v2.0.

Unfortunately, this version renders previously
created repositories unusable.  You maps will
still be there, readable by Maemo Mapper, but
due to the enhanced zoom capabilities, Maemo
Mapper will not interpret the zoom numbers
correctly, so things will look funny.  You must
delete your existing map repository databases.
I apologize for this inconvenience.

Changes: * Expanded the available zoom levels by four additional zoom steps. This change invalidates previous map databases, so you will have to discard your previous map data. * Fixed crash that occurred during rapid map auto-download. * Tightened up the POI Edit dialog to show more of the POI description. * Added "Edit Categories..." buttons in a few more places. * Fixed all of the formerly useless View menu items. (closes #1598, #1604) * Fixed bug in parsing East-of-the-meridian longitudes. * Fixed bug in "Along Route" radio button. * Fixed bug with repeated internet connection attempts. * Fixed bug in update of POI List after Delete from Edit POI dialog. (closes #1599) * Fixed crash when adding a new POI from the context menu. * Added confirmation of overwriting query when selecting a category from the drop down box in the "Download POI" dialog. * Fixed crash with invalid address in the "Go to | Address" action. * Fixed initialization of the POI icon directory name.

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