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Release Name: 2.1

This release adds the beginnings of a DBUS
interface.  There is only one method right now,
set_view_center, which allows an application to
set the latitude, longitude, and zoom level of
Maemo Mapper's view.  This could be used, for
example, to allow a third-party application to
focus your view on a particular point of
interest.  More DBUS methods will come in future
versions of Maemo Mapper.  See the dbus-ifc.h
file for details about the DBUS interface.

Also, I've made many changes under the hood in
the communication with a GPS receiver.  GPS
communication is now entirely handled via GPSD,
which should hopefully make the connection more
stable and flexible.  It should solve some of the
"connects for a few seconds, then hangs" issues,
and it also lays the groundwork for support for
the N810's internal GPS receiver.

There is still no official N810 release of Maemo
Mapper, but if you happen to be using Maemo
Mapper on an N810, try using the "File Path"
receiver type and entering "/dev/pgps" as the

Changes: * Changed GPS interaction to use GPSD exclusively, including the new libgpsmgr framework. This allows Maemo Mapper to automatically find a GPS receiver (no need to specify one in Settings, although Maemo Mapper will try to prefer the one you specify). Hopefully, this will also address the "hanging" issues that people have been having, and it should also make the migration to Chinook easier. * Added an initial stab at supporting the internal GPS receiver on the N810. Use the "File Path" receiver type with "/dev/pgps" to use the N810's internal GPS receiver. ("/dev/pgps" is now the default.) * Added the framework for a DBUS interface, including a single DBUS method (set_view_center). More to come later....

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