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Release Name: 1.1.0d-1

    -1.1.0d-1-Second Bleeding Edge Alpha release.-
Most of the changes are to the source code structure. There is a desktop icon now. The program is stable. But d-bus still isn't done. So multiple instances of the program will run. 

To Install- Download to n800/n810. Open the Application Manager, goto- menu->Application->Install from file... Browse to the file.
To run- open an X Terminal and simply type 'roadmap'. 
To install roadmaps- Maps are available for most states at
To install maps simply-
1. pick your state(s) and download  the appropriate *.tar.gz file.
2. Make a directory on the root of either MMC called 'roadmaps' and untar the maps into that directory.

Example- If you downloaded Colorado's maps to the external MMC of your n810,
and you want the maps on that same card then open X Terminal and do-

~ $ cd /media/mmc1
/media/mmc1 $ mkdir roadmaps
/media/mmc1 $ cd roadmaps
/media/mmc1/roadmaps $ tar -xvzf ../usCO.tar.gz
/media/mmc1/roadmaps $ rm ../usCO.tar.gz

When downloading maps, all you need is the states!
The usdir.rdm file and bndSB files are included in the package...

Caveats- Libgpsmgr is not implemented yet. So while GPS works, you have to start it manually via the control panel or Maemo-Mapper.
Menu and Toolbar are Hildonized, but dialogs are not.
Most of the dialogs do work, with the notable exception of 'help'. 

This is a preview/ALPHA release. Please do not hammer me with bug reports yet. 
Most of what doesn't work I already know about. I've got a lot on my plate ;-) 

That having been said- enjoy! 

Charles Werbick

Changes: roadmap (1.1.0d-1) unstable; urgency=low * Initial release 1.1.0c- Alpha Bleeding Edge Version- Somewhat Hildonized, mostly stable. * 1.1.0d- -Totally reworked source code structure and makefiles to use GNU automake tools! -Added +/- hardware key support -Added Desktop shortcut -Removed map building programs and features to cut package size and simplify porting. (May add it as separate package later) Todo- Done: Hildonize menus, toolbar; Create application package compatible with App Manager; Set up to find maps stored on MMC; To-do: libosso/d-bus integration to allow IPC and prevent multiple instances; Implement libgpsmgr to allow app to start gpsd; Hildonize dialogs; Hildonize help; Setup garage SVN access; lots of other stuff...

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