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Release Name: 1.1.0f

New RoadMap Release 1.1.0f-2:
Added basic help. Split roadmap_main.c into roadmap_main.c and roadgps_main.c(thinking ahead...)

Set gpsd to restart if killed. (Workaround for libagg bug.
Libagg will still kill gpsd before a fix is acquired. 
If it drives you nuts start roadgps gps console...)

Added desktop icon for roadgps.

I've removed the basemap from the roadmap package.
It's available as basemap-1.1.0.tar.gz. To unzip 
to /media/mmc2/roadmaps-
   1. download to internal mmc(/media/mmc2, or wherever you want ;-).
   2. open osso-xterm
   3. do-
    $ cd /media/mmc2
    /media/mmc2 $ mkdir roadmaps
    /media/mmc2 $ cd roadmaps
    /media/mmc2/roadmaps/ $ tar -xvzf ../roadmap-basemap-1.1.0.tar.gz

Sorry for any inconvenience there. The program works much 
faster this way, as the roadmap database expects a
particular directory structure once it finds the file 
usdir.rdm. And as of yet, I've had zilch for luck using dpkg
to install to fat32 filesystems.

Sorry to force an MMC choice. It does speed the program up.
Especially at large zooms. For now, unless you've root 
access, mapfiles MUST go on the internal mmc in a directory
called 'roadmaps'.

If you're hacking, and want to switch MMCs, as root do-
# rm /usr/share/roadmap/maps
# ln -s /media/mmc1/roadmaps /usr/share/roadmap/maps

Then put the maps in '/media/mmc1/roadmaps'(external card) instead of mmc2

Charles Werbick

Changes: roadmap (1.1.0f-2) unstable; urgency=low * Initial release 1.1.0c- Alpha Bleeding Edge Version- Somewhat Hildonized, mostly stable. * 1.1.0d- -Totally reworked source code structure and makefiles to use GNU automake tools! -Added +/- hardware key support -Added Desktop shortcut -Removed map building programs and features to cut package size and simplify porting. (May add it as separate package later) * 1.1.0e-1 -Added basic libgpsmgr support for n810 - Press 'V' to disable onboard GPS, press 'G' to enable it. - Note: There's a bug with agg and gpsd. if fonts are redrawn on the map before - a GPS lock is achieved, gpsd is killed. Just press 'G' to get it back. - Once lock is achieved, it goes away. I'm working on it... -Added libagg support for font display parallel to roads. -Cleaned up preferences menu. * 1.1.0e-2 -Changed the osso functions/structs. Added skeleton state saving code. - Easier to work with, still doesn't work as service... -Cleaned up a couple of messy spots to get GPS Console looking right. -Added libexpat support for better track diplay and export. * 1.1.0f-1 -Split roadmap_main.c into roadmap_main.c and roadgps_main.c for future dbus - integration. -fixed help callback to open browser with manual page. -set gpsd to restart if it crashes(usually before a lock is achieved...) -Removed the usdir.rdm and SB (basemap) files from the package. * 1.1.0f-2 -Fixed the 'Disable GPS' menu item. -- Charles Werbick <> Thu, 24 Jan 2008 13:33:38 -0700

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