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Release Name: 1.1.0i

Here it is- download support!
Roadmap for Maemo can now download vector map data in osm binary format.
Thanks to Adam Boardman and the whereami project at
for letting us use their map server.

The GPS console now is accessible from the UI by pressing 'C'.

Taking a screenshot works now and is saved in the Images directory on the tablet.

You can now open GPX files in RoadMap by clicking them in the file manager.

1. Please use 21 bits for the address bits where possible,
 to minimize extra load on the map server.
2. wget is required to download maps. If you have problems,
 please verify that wget is installed.
3. If canceled mid-download, getmaps can leave an orphaned wget running.
 This I am working on. (It'll timeout. But the app should mind it's children.)
4. If you experience crashes, set 'use linefonts' to All in
 the preferences menu before reporting it as a bug. It only
 happens on some maps and is a problem with freetype/agg.
5. If using Tiger Maps from the sourceforge page, use the
 1.1.0+ maps. They look much nicer.

   Regardless, make sure the usdir.rdm package matches the maps. (i.e.- don't install
   basemaps package, just get usdir.rdm.tar.gz and bndSB.tar.gz from-


Changes: roadmap (1.1.0i-4) unstable; urgency=low * Initial release 1.1.0c- Alpha Bleeding Edge Version- Somewhat Hildonized, mostly stable. * 1.1.0d- -Totally reworked source code structure and makefiles to use GNU automake tools! -Added +/- hardware key support -Added Desktop shortcut -Removed map building programs and features to cut package size and simplify porting. (May add it as separate package later) * 1.1.0e-1 -Added basic libgpsmgr support for n810 - Press 'V' to disable onboard GPS, press 'G' to enable it. - Note: There's a bug with agg and gpsd. if fonts are redrawn on the map before - a GPS lock is achieved, gpsd is killed. Just press 'G' to get it back. - Once lock is achieved, it goes away. I'm working on it... -Added libagg support for font display parallel to roads. -Cleaned up preferences menu. * 1.1.0e-2 -Changed the osso functions/structs. Added skeleton state saving code. - Easier to work with, still doesn't work as service... -Cleaned up a couple of messy spots to get GPS Console looking right. -Added libexpat support for better track diplay and export. * 1.1.0f-1 -Split roadmap_main.c into roadmap_main.c and roadgps_main.c for future dbus - integration. -fixed help callback to open browser with manual page. -set gpsd to restart if it crashes(usually before a lock is achieved...) -Removed the usdir.rdm and SB (basemap) files from the package. * 1.1.0f-2 -Fixed the 'Disable GPS' menu item. * 1.1.0g-1 -Added Bluetooth GPS Address to preferences. (I have no idea whether this works. I don't - own an n800 nor a bluetooth gps receiver. If you try this let me know if it - works or not... * 1.1.0g-2 -Changed gpsd code to threaded to improve response. -hardcoded /media/mmc1/roadmaps and /media/mmc2/roadmaps into program and removed symbolic links - from /usr/share/roadmap/maps. This speeds things up and allows for mapdir to be on either - memory card * 1.1.0g-3 -Changed how roadmap uses libgpsbt a bit * 1.1.0h-1 -This update is mainly upstream code from the sourceforge project. It includes- - -Much Faster Program Response - -Less Blocking during redraw (and shows progress bar) - -Improved GPS Console UI - -Bug Fixes - -Improvements to Math Routines. -The result is the program runs faster, blocks less, shows progress bar on large redraws, - and the GPS Console is more functional(and nicer looking!). * 1.1.0h-2 -Disable GPS focus at large zooms to minimize redraw wonkiness. * 1.1.0i-1 -Added features from upstream, including buildmap_osm binary for Open Street Map downloads, - merged gps console, AGG font scaling... -Wrote buildmaps_osm as a GTK+ way to get Open Street Maps data. Probably has bugs, but works... - To Do: Hildonize preferences menu (color picker instead of text boxes for colors, etc.), - Add onboard routing algorithm(Involves changing map format.). * 1.1.0i-2 -Fix a bug with locales where decimal separator is a comma. Thanks phgerin at ITT for pointing this out. * 1.1.0i-3 -Cleaned up gpsmgr code. -Set Max Zoom to 16k as maps in view are in memory and memory is limited... -Fixed a bug in the screen drawing code which was causing repaints to pile up at large zooms. * 1.1.0i-4 -Finished dbus/libosso integration. (Prevents multiple copies of app starting from launcher - and allows for IPC between apps. -Added *.gpx mime handling. -Added function to take screenshot for menu item- file->Map Screenshot (not implemented in AGG code) -TODO- add dbus notification and callback from getmaps to roadmap to force reload of maps - at end of download. Use dbus for roadmap_spawn()? -- Charles Werbick <> Sat, 3 May 2008 012:17:04 -0700

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