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Release Name: 1.1.0j-source

Source Packages for Roadmap-1.1.0j

Changes: roadmap (1.1.0j-1) stable; urgency=low * Initial release 1.1.0c- Alpha Bleeding Edge Version- Somewhat Hildonized, mostly stable. * 1.1.0d- -Totally reworked source code structure and makefiles to use GNU automake tools! -Added +/- hardware key support -Added Desktop shortcut -Removed map building programs and features to cut package size and simplify porting. (May add it as separate package later) * 1.1.0e-1 -Added basic libgpsmgr support for n810 - Press 'V' to disable onboard GPS, press 'G' to enable it. - Note: There's a bug with agg and gpsd. if fonts are redrawn on the map before - a GPS lock is achieved, gpsd is killed. Just press 'G' to get it back. - Once lock is achieved, it goes away. I'm working on it... -Added libagg support for font display parallel to roads. -Cleaned up preferences menu. * 1.1.0e-2 -Changed the osso functions/structs. Added skeleton state saving code. - Easier to work with, still doesn't work as service... -Cleaned up a couple of messy spots to get GPS Console looking right. -Added libexpat support for better track diplay and export. * 1.1.0f-1 -Split roadmap_main.c into roadmap_main.c and roadgps_main.c for future dbus - integration. -fixed help callback to open browser with manual page. -set gpsd to restart if it crashes(usually before a lock is achieved...) -Removed the usdir.rdm and SB (basemap) files from the package. * 1.1.0f-2 -Fixed the 'Disable GPS' menu item. * 1.1.0g-1 -Added Bluetooth GPS Address to preferences. (I have no idea whether this works. I don't - own an n800 nor a bluetooth gps receiver. If you try this let me know if it - works or not... * 1.1.0g-2 -Changed gpsd code to threaded to improve response. -hardcoded /media/mmc1/roadmaps and /media/mmc2/roadmaps into program and removed symbolic links - from /usr/share/roadmap/maps. This speeds things up and allows for mapdir to be on either - memory card * 1.1.0g-3 -Changed how roadmap uses libgpsbt a bit * 1.1.0h-1 -This update is mainly upstream code from the sourceforge project. It includes- - -Much Faster Program Response - -Less Blocking during redraw (and shows progress bar) - -Improved GPS Console UI - -Bug Fixes - -Improvements to Math Routines. -The result is the program runs faster, blocks less, shows progress bar on large redraws, - and the GPS Console is more functional(and nicer looking!). * 1.1.0h-2 -Disable GPS focus at large zooms to minimize redraw wonkiness. * 1.1.0i-1 -Added features from upstream, including buildmap_osm binary for Open Street Map downloads, - merged gps console, AGG font scaling... -Wrote buildmaps_osm as a GTK+ way to get Open Street Maps data. Probably has bugs, but works... - To Do: Hildonize preferences menu (color picker instead of text boxes for colors, etc.), - Add onboard routing algorithm(Involves changing map format.). * 1.1.0i-2 -Fix a bug with locales where decimal separator is a comma. Thanks phgerin at ITT for pointing this out. * 1.1.0i-3 -Cleaned up gpsmgr code. -Set Max Zoom to 16k as maps in view are in memory and memory is limited... -Fixed a bug in the screen drawing code which was causing repaints to pile up at large zooms. * 1.1.0i-4 -Finished dbus/libosso integration. (Prevents multiple copies of app starting from launcher - and allows for IPC between apps. -Added *.gpx mime handling. -Added function to take screenshot for menu item- file->Map Screenshot (not implemented in AGG code) -TODO- add dbus notification and callback from getmaps to roadmap to force reload of maps - at end of download. Use dbus for roadmap_spawn. * 1.1.0j-1 -Added google directions download and import directly to menu (+modified WGET_GOOGLE_ROUTE for Maemo)- - 1. 'file->fetch route from google' allows the user to get directions based upon current route - (Route must be only 2 points, start and dest. Intermediate waypoints are not supported.) - 2. 'file->get google route by address' gives a dialog where the user may enter start and destinaton - info and get back a route. Lat,Lon, address, etc... are supported and work fairly well. -Changed long-click popup menu to include 'new route to selection'. Also added preferences item for google - to GPX server. (Right now uses -Added 'Get OSM Maps of Current View' function to Main and Long-Click menus. Will feed all required data to - getmaps_osm and download maps, all with one click. -- Charles Werbick <> Sat, 3 May 2008 12:17:04 -0700

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