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Release Name: 0.7.0

Hello list!

I'm pleased to announce the release of BRisa Project version 0.7.

What is BRisa

BRisa is a framework written in Python that allows users to discover multimedia
devices, share, search and render multimedia content over local networks or
over the Internet. It has been developed using UPnP and DLNA specifications [1],
which makes use of standart Internet protocols and services, such as HTTP, UDP
and SOAP.

BRisa also allows the creation of UPnP devices and services, provides
implementation of fundamental UPnP requirements (such as network messaging)
and a Control Point API. Though BRisa focuses mainly on MediaServers,
MediaRenderers (UPnP A/V), it is not difficult to create and deploy generic
UPnP services and devices using it.

Concerning end-user applications, BRisa provides:

- brisa-media-server - Allows the user to share music, video, pictures and many
              other things. It has a plugin architecture that enables
              third-party plugins to be created and easily added;

- brisa-media-renderer - Application that plays media located at any UPnP media

- brisa-configuration-tool - Allows the user to configure plugins (such as
                 music, video and picture folders) and other misc

In this release we are shipping plugins like are Flick, SHOUTcast, Youtube,
Maemo Multimedia for you to add to your media server.

BRisa's main target is the maemo platform, but it also runs on Linux. There is
a growing effort of porting it to Mac OS, Windows and other operating systems.

What's New in 0.7?

- Control Point API cleaned, now with event support
- Added a configuration tool
- Removed SQLObject dependency
- Removed Twisted dependency
- Removed sqlite2 dependency (sqlite3 is being shipped with python2.5)
- Removed pymad and libmad dependency (now we use mutagen)
- New implementation of XML DIDLite generation
- Plugins browser methods can return all matches or perform internal
optimized sorting/slicing (has_browse_filter flag)
- Implementation of the maemo multimedia plugin and canola plugin
- Added UPnP-UP (User Profile) [1] to the svn repository

TODO List:

- Improvements on the Python PEP-8 recommendations: although many works have
  being done here, some classes still out-of PEP-8 recommendations
- Optimizations on the new filesystem plugin (which does not use sqlobject
  anymore). This task consists of refactoring add_*_item on the facade and
  small modifications on the persistence. Also, use isinstance and issubclass
  in some parts that are not using it
- Refactor EFL control point and export it as an application
- Extending the filesystem plugin database Facade (implementing searchs,
  removes, etc)
- Add automatic configuration merge on BRisa upgrade
- Watch on the config file for plugin state change. Apply changes in runtime
- Add a more extensive third-party plugins base. This consists of giving the
  ability of adding automatically new plugin entries on the configuration
  tool based on some syntax defined on the .conf.
- Write simple examples for the documentation (plugins, services, devices)

Getting BRisa





Mailing list:


Getting In Touch
================== #brisa


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