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Release Name: 0.1.0

What is Python-BRisa Apps


Python-BRisa Apps is a set of UPnP applications built using Python-BRisa UPnP
framework. The current set is composed by three applications, all concerning
UPnP Audio/Video [1]:

- brisa-media-server: UPnP A/V Media Server 1.0 implementation [1] with addition
of a plugin architecture. Allows users to share multimedia items over UPnP with
almost zero-configuration

- brisa-media-server-plugins: Customization plugins for brisa-media-server 
(Youtube, Flickr, Shoutcast, Maemo Multimedia)

- brisa-media-renderer: UPnP A/V Media Renderer 1.0 [1] implementation using
gstreamer. Enables a machine to render media from any server, when controlled
with some control point*

* For the curious, there are common third-party control points that can control
a running server and renderer: Media Streamer (Maemo devices - N8x0), GUPnP,
 Cidero and many others.

Python-BRisa Apps runs on the maemo platform, Linux and on Mac with a few tweaks.
We would really appreciate community feedback, bug reports and feature requests
concerning attempts to run it on other systems.


- brisa-media-server:
  - python-brisa >= 0.8.0 -
  - LightMediaScanner, LightMediaScanner-Plugins and Python-LightMediaScanner -
  - DBus and Python-Dbus -
  - PyGTK -

- brisa-media-server-plugins (all plugins):
  - python-brisa >= 0.8.0 -
- brisa-media-server-plugins-youtube:
  - python-gdata -

- brisa-media-renderer:
  - gstreamer0.10 -
  - pygst -
  - gstreamer0.10-plugins* -

* if you want the renderer to support to some media, then install the according
  gstreamer plugin

Features of this release


- debian packaging completed
- installation script improved
- media server will look for common gnome and maemo folders for media
  (/home/user and /home/user/MyDocs)
- old media server built-in plugin - filesystem - renamed to media library
- media server basic media library now uses LightMediaScanner for scanning
- added an applet for controlling media-server and media-renderer
- all media server plugins refactored and cleaned up

Next release plans


- more refactoring and enhancements on media server plugins, some are still a bit
  slow (like youtube) and can experience some good changes
- implementation of events on media server and media renderer
- general improvements on media renderer
- initial release of the user profile server

Changes: brisa-media-renderer 0.1.0, 2009-02-04 -------------------------------------- - added debian packaging - imports refactored - moved from python-brisa 0.7.1: it's an app, not part of the framework - pep8 corrections - added simple dbus methods for halting the device and retrieving info brisa-media-server 0.1.0, 2009-02-04 ------------------------------------ - added debian packaging - moved from python-brisa 0.7.1: it's an app, not part of the framework - added auto-config: will perform basic configurations when installed with the debian package or on the first launch - merged brisa-media-server with brisa-media-server-conf - renamed filesystem plugin to media library - added field spec to brisa framework tab (allows configuration) - added dbus methods for controlling the device (halt, rescan_folders, reload_config and get_server_info) - fixes on media_library to work with any recent version of lightmediascanner brisa-media-server-plugins 0.1.0, 2009-02-04 -------------------------------------------- - added debian packaging - some minor fixes after extraction from python-brisa 0.7.1 - configuration parameters renamed with better names - added auto-config: plugins register themselves and their configuration parameters on the configuration database - removed prints - renamed some configuration parameter names for better names - added fields specifications for plugin configurations - initial folder for some plugins is now guessed, instead of a hardcoded always-wrong value - pep8 corrections - flickr, shoutcast, youtube plugins refactored - changes of the new brisa didl module reflected on each plugin - removed canola plugin since media library plugin uses the same scanning lib brisa-media-tools 0.1.0, 2009-02-04 ----------------------------------- - initial release with media applet which controls brisa media servers and renderers

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