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Release Name: 1.0

First stable release

Changes: mrawviewer (1.0-maemo7) * Added bug tracker and homepage url field to debian/control mrawviewer (1.0-maemo6) * Added Ctrl+Space keyboard combo to toggle fullscreen mode on or off * Added package optification to debian/rules * Changed filters in app menu from radio to toggle buttons * Added fullscreen / unfullscreen filters to the app menu * Added support for autogenerated app screenshot mrawviewer (1.0-maemo5) * Added an horizontal separator to the About dialog just after the copyright * Removed "Quit" button in AppMenu as it duplicates the functionality of the [X] button on the MainWindow * Automatically display the "Open Image" dialog when starting mrawviewer (1.0-maemo4) * Added supported camera list to the About dialog * Changed the About dialog from standard GtkAboutDialog to a custom one * Exported to the framework the ability to support device orientation * Preliminary Diablo support on autoconf files mrawviewer (1.0-maemo3) * Changed package section to user/graphics mrawviewer (1.0-maemo2) * Fixed app menu not showing under Fremantle Beta 2 SDK mrawviewer (1.0-maemo1) * Added previous / next arrows over current image after detecting a long screen press * Modified shutter speed format from 0.xxxxx to 1/yyyy * Fixed some compilation warning mrawviewer (1.0-beta5) * Fixed main window size change detection's bug mrawviewer (1.0-beta4) * Added support to toggle fullscreen / unfullscreen mode * Modified main window size change detection * Added the possibility to load previous / next image in current directory by pressing hardware left / right key mrawviewer (1.0-beta3) * Fixed a bug in the .desktop file which prevented the app icon to be shown mrawviewer (1.0-beta2) * Bumped configure variable with app version to 1.0 * Added app icons * Re-written .desktop file mrawviewer (1.0-beta1) * Initial release

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