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Release Name: 0.0.2

mafw-lastfm is a scrobbler for maemo devices using the Media
Application Framework, like the N900. This is the second release, and it features a new control panel applet to allow a more sane configuration of the credentials.

Note that after changing the configuration, you'll need to restart the daemon to make it catch up your new credentials.

where to get it



  Soon to appear in Fremantle's extras-devel

What's new?

- New control panel applet for the configuration of the account.
- Handhsake after BADSESSION responses, allowing the daemon to recover
  after another client takes the session.
- Don't scrobble a paused track.
- Code fixes, leaks plugged, less wake-ups.

Changes: Short log of this release ------------------------- Claudio Saavedra (19): Add dummy control panel applet for configuring the account Set invisible input mode for the applet password entry Give a better layout to the applet Load the username in the applet if it already exists Save credentials introduced in the applet in the keyfile Validate the applet input before saving and show banner if data is missing Use LDADD instead LIBADD during settings applet linking Decrease handshake retry frequency. Free the previous session data before storing new one Defer the handshake after a failed scrobble Retry scrobbling also after a BADSESSION scrobble response Defer a handshake after a BADSESSION playing-now response Fix the instructions to create the .lastfm credentials Cast a GSourceFunc properly Suspend scrobbling of tracks during pause Fix the compilation Remove unwanted icon Select the text in the username entry if loaded Release 0.0.2

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