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Release Name: 3.0-1 package for Diablo

* Browser Switchboard now defaults to opening MicroB if there is no config 
  file -- this is a change in behavior from previous versions.  If you were
  using Browser Switchboard to launch Tear before, and hadn't made a
  configuration file, you'll now need to set Tear as your default browser
  explicitly using the UI (or by hand).
* If you are upgrading from version 2.1 of browser-proxy, please note that
  the config file has moved from /home/user/.config/browser-proxy to
  /home/user/.config/browser-switchboard.  The old location is still
  supported for now, but you may wish to rename your config file.
* If you have a browser-proxy (version 2.0 or 2.1) package installed, you 
  MUST remove it before installing the new browser-switchboard package.
  The package manager will refuse to install browser-switchboard otherwise.

Changes: from 3.0~rc1-1 to 3.0-1: * Upstream changes: - fix the UI so that it looks for C browser-switchboard processes to send SIGHUP to, not Python browser-switchboards - add support for EXTRA_CFLAGS in Makefiles, to allow package builds to pass additional optimization flags - replace calls to `pkg-config dbus-1` in config-ui/Makefile with calls to `pkg-config libosso` instead; asking for dbus-1 was incorrect and covering up a problem that caused maemo extras-devel autobuilds to fail * Packaging changes: - Use EXTRA_CFLAGS to generate N8x0 optimized builds, and use Thumb if DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS requests it. - Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.0; no changes required. - 323bf8... ("config-ui: Teach UI how to HUP C browser-switchboards") merged upstream, remove from diff. - Remove unneeded file debian/dirs. * Replace the dependency on libdbus-1-dev and the call to pkg-config for dbus-1 with libosso-dev and libosso, respectively, as that's the package the control panel plugin interface actually needs. Fixes autobuild. from 2.2-1 to 3.0~rc1-1: * Upstream changes: - move to an all-C implementation for better performance and memory usage - add a configuration hildon-control-panel plugin - make MicroB the default default browser * Packaging changes: - Accommodate the move to C: + Package is now Arch: any. + Revise Build-Depends and Depends appropriately. + debian/postrm now kills off both Python and C browser-switchboards. + debian/rules: build an Arch: any package, use the new Makefile-based build and install, dh_strip the binaries, make shlibdeps. * Cherry-pick 323bf8... ("config-ui: Teach UI how to HUP C browser-switchboards") from Git master.

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