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Release Name: 0.0.3

mafw-lastfm is a scrobbler for maemo devices using the Media Application Framework, like the N900. This is the third release, featuring mostly code polishing and a fix for a nasty bug in mafw, causing mafw-lastfm to send incorrect track lengths to

From now on, the configuration file is stored under $HOME/.osso/mafw-lastfm. The Maemo 5 package, soon to appear under extras-devel, automatically takes care of moving existing configuration files to this new location.

Note that after changing the configuration, you'll need to restart the daemon to make it catch up your new credentials.

where to get it



  Soon to appear in Fremantle's extras-devel

What's new?

- Credentials file should be stored now in $HOME/.osso/mafw-lastfm instead.
- Improved network error recovery.
- Use audioscrobbler icon in control panel applet.
- Work properly with broken mafw versions (track length issue).
- Less wake-ups, several code fixes.

Changes: Claudio Saavedra (14): Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1859' of git:// into integration Add missing prototype for mafw_lastfm_scrobbler_suspend() Add Xabier Rodríguez Calvar to the THANKS file Always try to recover after a failed handshake Avoid critical warnings if there's missing metadata Avoid crash in mafw_lastfm_track_cmp() with empty album metadata Add the audioscrobbler icon to the control panel applet Fix coding style consistency Get the length of a track from the renderer Send an empty string instead of NULL if the album is unknown Get rid of the timeout for scrobbling Update the README file Fix CFLAGS variable in Release 0.0.3 Xabier Rodriguez Calvar (6): Changed signal name to renderer-added Changed permissions to be able to run it. Changed credentials file to .osso (activating backup and restore settings). Added compilation warnings. Fixed a warning for a wrong function signature Fixed a warning because of a missing prototype. Function made private.

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