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Release Name: 3.1-2fremantle3 package for Fremantle

* This is an alpha release for Fremantle.
* Known issues:
  - Opening the Web menu entry causes about:blank to load in MicroB instead 
    of the bookmarks window to open.
  - Browser Switchboard kills MicroB after the last browser window closes,
    even if a bookmarks window is still open.
* Browser Switchboard now defaults to opening MicroB if there is no config 
  file -- this is a change in behavior from previous versions.  If you were
  using Browser Switchboard to launch Tear before, and hadn't made a
  configuration file, you'll now need to set Tear as your default browser
  explicitly using the UI (or by hand).
* If you are upgrading from version 2.1 of browser-proxy, please note that
  the config file has moved from /home/user/.config/browser-proxy to
  /home/user/.config/browser-switchboard.  The old location is still
  supported for now, but you may wish to rename your config file.

Changes: Changes from 3.1-2fremantle2 to 3.1-2fremantle3: * Cherry-pick e7bb0f3e... ("Take a different approach to detecting MicroB browser window close"). Changes from 3.1-2fremantle1 to 3.1-2fremantle2: * Cherry-pick 5b7e4808... ("Make sure a running browserd is detected correctly on all devices"). * Cherry-pick 88db9429... ("Kill MicroB browser UI processes instead of using exit_browser"). Changes from 3.1-1fremantle2 to 3.1-2fremantle1: * Cherry-pick d8d8d1ed... ("Close stdin/stdout/stderr in child processes before exec()") and 53ba5ca0... ("Throw away stdout/stderr for browserds we launch too") to make ongoing debugging efforts easier. Changes from 3.1-1fremantle1 to 3.1-1fremantle2: * Cherry-pick 6b78dde6... ("Initial support for launching MicroB on Fremantle") and associated cleanups. * Revise build system to reflect updated dependencies. Changes from 3.0 to 3.1-1fremantle1: * New "upstream" stable release. * Upstream changes: - add a new, more finger-friendly GUI for Fremantle, based on work by Faheem Pervez (build UI with EXTRA_CPPFLAGS=-DFREMANTLE) - make sure reconfig signal (SIGHUP) doesn't interrupt dispatch of a request when continuous mode is off - disable autocapitalization and predictive text features for the other_browser_cmd entry in the UI - add support for EXTRA_CPPFLAGS in Makefiles, to allow package builds to pass feature/configuration defines; add EXTRA_LDFLAGS too, just in case * Pass EXTRA_CPPFLAGS=-DFREMANTLE to make to compile Fremantle-specific code.

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