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Release Name: 3.2-1 package for Diablo

* Known issues:
  - There is no startup notification (the "Loading" message) from
    hildon-desktop for the MicroB menu entry.
* The "Web" menu entry and /usr/bin/browser script now open the selected
  default browser, not MicroB -- this is a change in behavior from previous
  versions.  A new MicroB menu entry and /usr/bin/microb script are
  provided for opening MicroB.
* Since version 3.0, Browser Switchboard now defaults to opening MicroB if
  there is no config file -- this is a change in behavior from previous 
  versions.  If you were using Browser Switchboard to launch Tear before,
  and hadn't made a configuration file, you'll now need to set Tear as your
  default browser explicitly using the UI (or by hand).
* If you are upgrading from version 2.1 of browser-proxy, please note that
  the config file has moved from /home/user/.config/browser-proxy to
  /home/user/.config/browser-switchboard.  The old location is still
  supported for now, but you may wish to rename your config file.

Changes: * New "upstream" stable release. * Upstream changes: - make the "Web" menu entry and /usr/bin/browser open the default browser, and provide a new "MicroB" menu entry and /usr/bin/microb script for launching MicroB; the previous behavior was counterintuitive and difficult to discover - Fremantle: fix launching and closing MicroB on Fremantle; thanks Faheem Pervez and Uwe Kaminski for extensive testing - Fremantle: force the Ovi Store bookmark to open in MicroB, since Ovi Store doesn't load in other browsers; thanks ToJa92 of t.m.o for reporting - add ability to send debug output to syslog and new config setting ("logging") to control where debug output goes; thanks Faheem Pervez for the suggestion - close stdin/stdout/stderr in child processes before the exec(), to make debug output on stdout less noisy - fix some abuses of the D-Bus API in launcher.c:launch_tear() - make sure a running browserd is detected correctly on all devices so that we don't try to launch another one; thanks Faheem Pervez for reporting - ensure that only one browser-switchboard is active at any time - update build system; we now have "diablo" and "fremantle" targets that build binaries for the selected OS release - link binaries with -Wl,--as-needed to eliminate unnecessary dependencies * Packaging changes: - Build with Thumb by default and provide a "nothumb" build option to turn it off, instead of building with Thumb only when requested; the autobuilders aren't requesting Thumb, but we want it by default. - Update debian/rules for the new upstream build system.

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