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Release Name: 0.0.4

[0.0.4 Release]

- Monitor credentials file, no need for reboot!
- Several fixes to handshaking after offline periods.
- Less polling during now-playing submissions.
- Code fixes and cleanups.

Changes: Claudio Saavedra (15): Build credentials filename in main function Factor credentials load and authentication to authenticate_from_file() Monitor configuration file for changes in the credentials Fix small indentation issues Set status NEED_HANDSHAKE after setting credentials Cancel handshake retry on calls to mafw_lastfm_scrobbler_handshake() Encode tracks only once Add mafw_lastfm_track_dup() to duplicate track instances Set playing-now after 3 seconds of playback Small memory clean up in MafwLastfmScrobbler dispose method Use a different source id for the retry timeout Cancel deferred handshake in mafw_lastfm_scrobbler_handshake() Improve the handshake response parsing and handling Renew handshake message on BADTIME handshake response Release 0.0.4 Felipe Contreras (11): build: trivial fixes build: improve generated configuration files Cleanup license notices Trivial code-style cleanups More code-style cleanups Generic cleanups Subtle cleanups scrobbler: remove unused property stuff scrobbler: get rid of dispose main: remove extra indentation main: remove unused code

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