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Release Name: 3.3~b1-1fremantle1 package for Fremantle

* This is a development release for Fremantle.
* Known issues:
  - Opening the MicroB menu entry causes about:blank to load in MicroB instead 
    of the bookmarks window to be displayed.
  - A bookmarks window will open in the background whenever MicroB is started,
    even when loading a URL.
  - Browser Switchboard kills MicroB after the last browser window closes,
    even if a bookmarks window is still open.
* If your configured default browser isn't installed, Browser Switchboard
  now defaults to opening MicroB instead of failing to open links
* Since version 3.2, the "Web" menu entry and /usr/bin/browser script now 
  open the selected default browser, not MicroB -- this is a change in 
  behavior from previous versions.  A new MicroB menu entry and 
  /usr/bin/microb script are provided for opening MicroB.
* Since version 3.0, Browser Switchboard now defaults to opening MicroB if
  there is no config file -- this is a change in behavior from previous 
  versions.  If you were using Browser Switchboard to launch Tear before,
  and hadn't made a configuration file, you'll now need to set Tear as your
  default browser explicitly using the UI (or by hand).

Changes: * New "upstream" development release. * Upstream changes: - add support for Opera Mobile - fall back to the built-in default if the user's configured default browser isn't installed - introduce a command-line config utility; this is mainly intended to give browser vendors a way to set their browser as the default - provide a description for users who don't know what MicroB is; thanks Emanuele Cassioli for pointing out the need - major rewrite of configuration loading/saving code * Cherry-pick addb0ed9... ("Add command-line utility to Makefile install target"). * Packaging changes: - Build and install the new command-line config utility.

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