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Release Name: 0.0.8

mafw-lastfm is a scrobbler for maemo devices using the Media
Application Framework, like the N900. With it, you can scrobble your
listening habits to the Internet radio site. 

This version has several improvements to the core scrobbling code, which is now simpler and lightweight. Among these improvements, tracks played long enough to be scrobbled will be cached and scrobbled even if the process is stopped before the track finishes. Also, there is a new Finnish translation for the control panel applet.

Join the happy users in !

where to get it

  Soon to appear in Fremantle's extras-devel and later in testing.
  Please vote it!

  Source repository:

  Please report issues in

What's new?

- Rewrite of the core scrobbler code, making it more robust and
  lightweight. As a result, also:
- Scrobble tracks played long enough even if the scrobbler is killed
  before the track finishes.
- Do not scrobble a track that's paused before played long enough and
  never resumed.
- --enable-debug configure feature to enable console logging (now
    disabled by default).
- New and updated translations:
  [fi] Oskari Timperi

Changes: Claudio Saavedra (11): Get timestamp right on state change Indentation fixes Pass the current position of a track when enqueueing it Only use a suspended track when it's not being played from the beginning Rewrite of the core scrobbling code Replace g_print() calls for g_warning() ones for user warnings Only print debugging to console when needed Remove sources during finalize Only set "playing now" when the track has not been cached yet Add a bit more of debug output Release 0.0.8 Oskari Timperi (1): Add finnish translation

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