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Release Name: 3.3-1 package for Diablo

* Known issues:
  - There is no startup notification (the "Loading" message) from
    hildon-desktop for the MicroB menu entry.
* Since version 3.3, continuous mode operation is now the default.  On
  Fremantle, continuous mode is now forced on regardless of the config
  setting, because continuous mode is necessary to provide full
  compatibility with MicroB's behavior.
* Since version 3.3, on Fremantle, Browser Switchboard starts automatically
  on device startup.  If MicroB is configured to be the default browser,
  the MicroB browser process is prestarted as well.  MicroB will also be
  prestarted when the default browser changes from something else to
  MicroB.  This behavior can be configured via the new autostart_microb
* Since version 3.3, only browsers that are actually installed appear in
  the config UI.
* Since version 3.2, the "Web" menu entry and /usr/bin/browser script now 
  open the selected default browser, not MicroB -- this is a change in 
  behavior from previous versions.  A new MicroB menu entry and 
  /usr/bin/microb script are provided for opening MicroB.
* Since version 3.0, Browser Switchboard now defaults to opening MicroB if
  there is no config file -- this is a change in behavior from previous 
  versions.  If you were using Browser Switchboard to launch Tear before,
  and hadn't made a configuration file, you'll now need to set Tear as your
  default browser explicitly using the UI (or by hand).
* If you are upgrading from version 2.1 of browser-proxy, please note that
  the config file has moved from /home/user/.config/browser-proxy to
  /home/user/.config/browser-switchboard.  The old location is still
  supported for now, but you may wish to rename your config file.

Changes: * New "upstream" stable release. * Upstream changes: - add support for Opera Mobile - fall back to the built-in default if the user's configured default browser isn't installed - introduce a command-line config utility; this is mainly intended to give browser vendors a way to set their browser as the default - provide a description for users who don't know what MicroB is; thanks Emanuele Cassioli for pointing out the need - major rewrite of configuration loading/saving code - only offer installed browsers in the config GUI - make continuous mode operation the default; disable non-continuous-mode on Fremantle (needed for correct operation on D-Bus system bus) - Fremantle: major overhaul of MicroB launching to improve robustness; should result in speed and behavior indistinguishable from when Browser Switchboard isn't installed when MicroB is configured as default browser - listen on D-Bus system bus as well as session bus, to accommodate some broken applications that send their requests on the system bus - Fremantle: start browser-switchboard on X session startup, and also prestart MicroB if it's the default browser or the user asks for it - Fremantle: prestart MicroB when the user changes to MicroB as the default browser * Packaging changes: - Update package description to mention that we ship a control panel applet, to help users who don't read documentation. Thanks to Emanuele Cassioli for pointing out the need. - Build and install the new command-line config utility.

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