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Release Name: 1.4

This is the first release targeted specifically
to both the Nokia 770 and the Nokia N800.  Due
to the differences in platform APIs, the binary
.deb files will (from now on) take on two
different forms:

1. maemo-mapper_1.4-2_armel.deb
   The "-2" refers to "maemo2" and means that
   this file is built for the Nokia 770.
2. maemo-mapper_1.4-3_armel.deb
   The "-3" refers to "maemo3" and means that
   this file is built for the Nokia N800.

Besides this obvious change, this release changes
the database backend from sqlite0 to sqlite3.
Although this will increase performance slightly,
and it is already installed on the N800 (thus
facilitating code sharing), it does mean that you
will have to reformat your POI databases.  The
old databases will not (necessarily?) work with
the new version of Maemo Mapper.  You may be able
to find a conversion utility on the internet, but
I haven't looked.

Changes: * First build from the new maemo3 SDK. Although the code is the same, there are different builds depending on the target (770 or N800). "-1" is a generic build with no arm-model-specific optimizations. "-2" is optimized for 770 (arm926ej-s). "-3" is optimized for N800 (arm1136jf-s). * Changed from sqlite0 to sqlite3. * Added ability to download repository information from the web. * Changed track data to use GPS timestamps instead of Nokia's slow clock.

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