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Release Name: 0.9.3-1


Changes: Maintainer: Saturn <> Format: 1.7 Source: smscon-editor Version: 0.9.3-1 Architecture: armel Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 11:10:12 +0000 Distribution: fremantle Urgency: low Description: The SMSCON Editor is a user interface to the configuration of the SMSCON. With its assistance the user is able to edit from a GUI all the options and name the secret pass-phrases of the commands used by the SMSCON for controlling the device. In addition, it provides an interface to initialise (i.e. init, start, stop, reset and set/remove from the device's boot sequence) and test the functionality of the smscon_daemon. For more info see: Changes: 0.9.3 NEW: Addition of postrm, preinst, prerm scripts for better deployment, upgrade and removal. CHANGE: Modification of the postinst script. NEW: Addition in the UI of a input field for the max number of retries in case of send failure. NEW: Addition in the UI of a input field for the command suffix. CHANGE: Removed the 'Prefix' button - no useful functionality in the new code. CHANGE: Removed the 'Test done' button - code is able to handle this gracefully. 0.9.2 NEW: Allow editing unsuccessfully/enforcedly loaded config. NEW: Added a symlink in the postinst for starting the UI easier from terminal in x-term it is enough to type: smscon-editor 0.9.1 CHANGE: Now uses refactured version of SMSCON * Uses code from library ( * Restructured code and added comments. * Prepared for easy adding code to edit new features. NEW: Gives password hint on initial use. So SMSCON Editor goes plug and play: No need to read wiki to get it run the 1st time. NEW: Encurages to change the password while it is the initial one. NEW: When editor is closed, it automatically terminates test mode if required. NEW: GUI feedback when the configuration is about to be updated. NEW: Early GUI feedback on Editor startup (shortens time being in doubt if phone recognized my tap). NEW: Sends SMS notification on attempt to start SMSCON Editor with wrong password. CHANGE: No longer makes use of "smssend" application which might not be installed. Now uses SMSCON builtin capability to send SMS. CHANGE: Eleminated and removed 'smsconEditorCopyConfig'; using "smscon -import" now. Changed-By: Christos Zamantzas <> Files: 98a96e2e7d57b8691ea99ec7274f95c9 51725 user/network extras-devel smscon-editor_0.9.3-1.tar.gz c47846e8eef1345fdec31668aafdc3fe 344 user/network extras-devel smscon-editor_0.9.3-1.dsc

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