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Release Name: 1.1

Maemo Mapper v1.1 includes many changes, most
notably are color customization, temporal track
data, context (press-and-hold) menus, a Dutch
translation, plus a few bug fixes.  Due to the
number of changes in this release, I am
anticipating a few bugs (I already found a minor
that will have to wait until v1.1.1), so please
keep this in mind if you run into some.


All of the drawable colors are now fully
customizable.  You can access the Colors dialog
box via the "Colors" button on the Settings
dialog box.  Settings are saved, and there is
a "Defaults" button that will reset your colors
back to the initial defaults.

NOTE: Pressing "OK" on the Colors dialog box will
save your color settings, despite the appearance
that you can still cancel the changes with the
Cancel button in the Settings dialog box.
Effectively, this means that the Settings dialog
box and the Colors dialog boxes have their own
save/cancel state.  I could have made them
separate menu items, but we're running out of
menu space, so I stuffed it into the Settings
dialog (which has plenty of space - HA!).

I also changed some of the default colors a
little bit to provide better contrast.  If you
don't like 'em, you can always change them
back! :)


All track data now includes timestamps for each
"significant" change in position (about 10
meters).  Temporal data is saved with exported
track files and is loaded with imported track
files, so you can load a track, do some moving
about, and then save the new track, and you will
keep all of the old (and new) temporal data.


You can now press and hold on the map to bring
up a context menu.  Unfortunately, I haven't
figured out how to make it truly context-
sensitive (i.e. popping up a different menu
depending on where you click on the map), since
it appears that I am only allowed to associate
a single menu with a given widget, and that
assignment cannot be changed.

I might have to work around it in the future by
simply bypassing the built-in press-and-hold
functionality, but I'd rather not.  Until then,
all menu items will be accessible regardless of
where you click on the map.

There are currently two separate categories of
menu items, one for arbitrary "Location" (refers
to wherever you pointed on the map), and one for
Route Waypoints (your tap point snaps to the
nearest waypoint).  In each "category" (which,
in a perfect maemo world, would be
context-sensitive), you can display the lat/lon
of the Location or Waypoint, copy that lat/lon to
the clipboard, display the distance from your
current GPS location to that Location or Waypoint,
or download a route from your current position to
the Location or Waypoint.

When operating on a waypoint, you can also
display the description of that waypoint, copy
that description to the clipboard, or delete
the waypoint from your route (doesn't affect
anything until you Save the route).


The former "closest" zoom level is now gone, in
favor of consistency with the file system back
end.  It was causing confusion with people that
thought that it was zoom level 0 (when in fact
it was more like a zoom level -1).

This removal was prompted by the addition of user
feedback pertaining to zoom levels (you now get
a message telling you which zoom level you are
moving too), which is part of a new feature that
allows you to "skip zoom levels" by holding down
a zoom button, meaning, e.g., that you can zoom
directly from zoom level 2 to zoom level 8,
without the overhead of redrawing each zoom

The units (km, mi., or n.m.) for all distance
measurements are configurable in the Settings
dialog box (under the "Misc." tab).  This
setting doesn't affect the descriptions of
waypoints for downloaded routes, for which units
still depend on the location of travel.


Some of the lesser noticeable changes include
the removal of the "hciconfig reset" hack, some
minor aesthetic changes to the Settings dialog
box, a retry mechanism for downloads (fewer
missing blotches of maps when downloading large
chunks of map data), and a change of the old
"Download by Route" dialog's "last two center
points" peculiarity (instead, the upper-left
and lower-right coordinates are pre-filled with
the upper-left and lower-right bounds of the
screen itself - this is a bit more intuitive).

Changes: * Added ability to customize the colors. (closes #11) * Added temporal data to Track Export/Import functionality. (closes #9) * Added context menu for performing various operations. (closes #37) * Added Dutch Translation (closes #38) * Added ability to change zoom by more than one zoom level at a time, and added user feedback so that user knows which zoom level he is at. (begins to address #21) * Fixed locale issue with "Download Route" using GPS Location. (closes #36) * Removed hciconfig hack, since it seems no longer necessary. (closes #27) * Eliminated "closest" zoom level in order to maintain consistency between map storage names and zoom level names. * Made some minor aesthetic changes in the Settings dialog. * Added error-checking and retrying to downloading. * Fixed some maemo intricacies suggested by the new Maemo Programming Guidelines document. * Changed the old "previous two center points" behavior in the Download by Area dialog box to a more intuitive "bounds of the screen" behavior.

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