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Release Name: 0.1.2

* Submit if connection is detected option in control panel
* Status messages in control panel
* Better error control
* Optimized scrobblerd timers and workflow

Changes: songlistend, scrobblerd: now always registering to osso_initialize() with activation=false cp applet: added "Submit if connection is detected" option to temporarily disable submission cp applet: replaced labels with hildoncaptions cp applet: added auto-updating "last message" error display and a continue button to clear STOP errors scrobblerd: on auth errors, submissions are held (it won't retry) until "continue" button in the cp is pressed scrobblerd: gconf entries are now watched for notifications and not re-checked everytime scrobblerd: fixed bug, it now properly re-logs in when credentials are changed scrobblerd: upped timer to every 5 minutes (from 10 seconds) for each successful submission (retry in 30 secs on error) scrobblerd: "run" dbus callback (songlistend already calls that when needed) immediately starts submission scrobblerd: cleaned up syslog warnings packaging: dbus-send in postinst/postrm debugged and fixed

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