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Release Name: 0.9.5


Renamed from hildon-libsmm to hildonmm, wrapping 
hildon-1 instead of hildon-libs.

* AddHomeDialog: Removed.
* Banner: Added set_icon(), set_icon_from_file(), 
  set_timeout(). Added timeout property.
* Caption: Added get_size_group() and set_size_group(), 
  set_label_markup() and markup property, 
* CodeDialog: Added set_input_sensitive() and the input signal.
* ColorButton: Added get_popup_shown() and popdown().
  Added popup_shown property.
* ColorSelector: Removed, because this seems to have been removed 
  (without documentation) from the C API.
* GetPasswordDialog: Removed set_domain() and set_title(), 
  and domain property.
  Added set_message(), message property, and get-old property.
* Grid, GridItem: Removed.
* LoginDialog: Renamed from NamePasswordDialog.
  Replaced get_name() with get_username().
  Removed set_domain(). Added set_message().
  Replaced content property with message property.
  Replaced user property with username property.
* scroll_area.h: Removed, because this has been removed from the C API, 
though a replacement might apparently be added later.
* SetPasswordDialog: Removed set_domain() and the domain property. 
  Added set_message() and the message property.
* SortDialog: Added add_sort_key_reversed().
* VolumeBar: Removed level_change().
* TelephoneEditor: Removed.


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