dsme use-cases & community situation? (RE: [DSM-devel] dsme code cleanup, comments before merging?)

Lars Wirzenius liw at liw.iki.fi
Fri Aug 25 00:28:24 EEST 2006

ti, 2006-08-22 kello 16:04 +0300, sampsa.fabritius at nokia.com kirjoitti:
> Have you started to collect use-cases/requirements based
> on mailing list discussions somewhere?
> (I'd check project wiki but I don't have a pointer to it yet :)


That seems to be the URL to the wiki page with the use cases. It hasn't
had any life since over a month ago, I'm afraid. I got too enthusiastic
about code cleanups and improvements.

C is the *wrong* language for your application.

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