[DSM-devel] dsme and upstart

Lars Wirzenius liw at iki.fi
Wed Aug 30 14:30:24 EEST 2006


Canonical is developing a replacement for init, which seems interesting.
It is not entirely unlike dsme, and their goals include things that
overlap with dsme:

        In fact, the goal is that upstart should also replace the “run
        event scripts” functionality of any daemon on the system.
        Daemons such as acpid, apmd and Network Manager would send
        events to init instead of running scripts themselves with their
        own perculiar configuration and semantics.

        A system administrator who only wanted a particular daemon to be
        run while the computer was on AC power would simply need to
        edit /etc/event.d/daemon and change “on startup” to “on ac

What does this mean for dsme?

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