[Erminig-users] Version 3.0.3 of Erminig released

Pascal Jermini pascal+erminig at infinity.ods.org
Tue Oct 28 22:05:09 EET 2008

Dear Erminig users,

Version 3.0.3-3 of Erminig has been released to maemo-extras repository today.

First of all, please note that the version numbering has changed, and is now
in line with the version numbers shown in the Apps Manager (I made a
versioning mistake a few releases ago, and this error followed me until
today). Now there is no more confusion possible (at least I hope).

This is mostly a bug-fix release:

- fixes many errors related to recurring events (I don't claim that everything
is fixed, but the test cases I had now are OK)
- fixes crashes with events data parsing
- misc. bugs fixed
- progress bar is reset after each account processed (before it was stuck at
100% after the first account)
- stack traces after fatal (or mostly fatal) error are now reported in a gtk
window instead of being dumped to the terminal. This will help greatly with
debugging (you will be able to copy-paste the stack trace for debugging!), and
also will remove the cases where Erminig hangs without giving any indication
of why.

The future? As usual: bug fixes, more test-cases for recurring events and
contact sync (on my todo list, first draft of the code is there...)

As usual, I'm very open to suggestions, bug reports etc.!

Best wishes,


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