[maemo2midgard] Application Catalog update

Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Thu Dec 7 02:24:25 EET 2006


The application catalog[1] has now all items copied from the original
wiki page. Below is my current view on the status:

The catalog is not yet ready for public consumption, but we are very
close :)

1. We need to implement/change a few web pages:
-a proper start or index page
-a search page
-custom login page to the entire site

2. The "membership info"[2] replication bug should be fixed, because
currently only admins can edit/remove applications.

3.Complete the user manual [3].

AFAIK the bug (2) might get a fix this week (week 49). Right after this
everybody, who has a garage account can login to the site and update the
catalog. The ACL is already set for that.

I am in progress of writing the manual. I'll update you when the doc has
enough information that is worth of reading/reviewing.

I think when 2 and 3 are done we could make the current wiki based
catalog read only and ask everybody to move over to the new one. An
other prerequisite is to ask the wiki editors to check/create a garage
account of course.

Any thoughts?



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