[mafw-lastfm-devel] Nokia N900 scrobbler group in last.fm

Claudio Saavedra csaavedra at igalia.com
Tue Jan 5 22:57:02 EET 2010

I noticed that someone created this group:


I'd assume that this was meant for people using mafw-lastfm (I sent an
email to the author already to ask, waiting for a reply).

If that's the case, I was wondering whether I should go on and request
to the last.fm people to change the name of the application (as
displayed in the "Listening with ...." section) from "mafw-lastfm" to
"Nokia N900 scrobbler", since it's a bit more appealing. What do you

I am not 100% sure if it's a good idea. For one, I think it's a bit
arrogant to claim to be _the_ scrobbler for the N900, but then again,
that's not such a big sin either.


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