[mafw-lastfm-devel] mafw and n900

Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Thu Jan 7 13:37:22 EET 2010

Hi Claudio,

thanks for your fast response.

Claudio Saavedra schrieb:
>> OK, but I can't test it because there are error messages now:
>> ~ $ mafw-lastfm 
>> OK
>> d69e81138c0fee59baa4bd86bd13589b
>> http://turtle.dev.libre.fm/nowplaying/1.2/
>> http://turtle.dev.libre.fm/submissions/1.2/
>> Playing-now: FAILED postgres7 error: [-1: ERROR:  integer out of range] in EXECUTE("INSERT INTO Now_Playing (sessionid, artist, album, track, expires, mbid) VALUES ('d69e81138c0fee59baa4bd86bd13589b', 'the Weakerthans', 'Reconstruction Site', 'A new name for everathing', 3568122654772500, NULL)")
> The value for 'expires' looks suspicious..

What is this value for? What would be a well looking value?

>> With an older version I was able to scrobble to libre.fm. But I don't know if only mafw-lastfm is a new version or if the libre.fm guys made an update to their scrobbling service.
> Which old version? Can you please try downgrading? I doubt it's the
> application, because all changes between 0.0.2-1 and 0.0.2-4 were only
> in the packaging, not in the daemon itself.

OKay, i think I have to explain it more detailed:
* It _never_ worked without startink mafw-lastfm from xterm.
* But it worked (starting it in xterm) one or two month ago using 
0.0.2-1 (and an older revision of the firmware too)

> Did you upgrade the firmware in the N900? Do you know which version you
> are running (Settings -> About)?

I am using the pre release firmware version 2.2009.51-1

I also made a bug for this issue in the libre.fm bug tracking system:

Ciao Uwe

Uwe Kaminski
Mail: jukey at ju-key.de
Web: http://internettabletblog.de
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