[MWKN] Maemo Weekly News for Monday, 7 Jun 2010

Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Mon Jun 7 09:00:26 EEST 2010


   Nokia is running a competition, "Calling All Innovators",
where the best applications submitted for their various platforms -
including Maemo - can win up to $50,000 in prize money. In reminding us
of the impending deadline (submissions have to be in by 03:59 UTC on
Friday, 12 June), Quim Gil quoted Forum Nokia: "Regardless of category,
all application submissions are eligible to win special prizes. For
instance, the best application for the Nokia N900 and the best
cross-platform application using Qt will both receive $50,000 (USD).
Check out all the prizes on the contest website." With over 900 entries
so far, the chances of a Maemo app winning one of the top four
categories is small - however, there will be one good N900 application
walking away with $50,000 in the developer's pockets. Your editor
hopes its one of the open source applications in maemo.org's
Extras; rather than a large commercial software house's Ovi Store
offerings - if only due to the difference in significance the prize
money would make to the recipient.

    - http://www.callingallinnovators.com/

   The packaging of Qt (4.5, then 4.6 and now 4.7 experimental) for
Maemo has been a pain; but erstwhile Maemo Community member Attila
Csipa has been leading the charge to get it sorted. Firstly, in
response to the community's requests, the experimental Qt 4.7
packages have the word "experimental" in their package name;
and PR 1.2 includes Qt 4.6 out of the box. Therefore, it's now time
to tidy up the mess that's been left behind by the previous
experimental packages which are now shipped as standard - but with
different names. Attila announced, on the Community Council blog and
maemo-developers mailing lists, that the "libqt4-maemo5-..."
packages were to be removed, along with any packages depending on them:
"We'd like to inform all Maemo developers that with the public
release of PR1.2 for Maemo 5, the libqt4-maemo5-* packages have been
officially deprecated in the extras-devel repository, and will be
completely removed by June 30th at the latest. If you still have
packages that depend on these Qt packages, please alter them or
resubmit to extras-devel with either libqt4-* dependencies (for Qt4.6),
or libqt4-experimental-* dependencies (for Qt4.7)." If you have any
questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the council
(council at maemo.org), ask on maemo-developers or on talk.maemo.org.

    - http://maemo.org/community/council/notice_to_developers-the_old_libqt4-maemo5-prefixed_packages_have_officially_been_deprecated/

  * FRONT PAGE: Time running out on Nokia's $50,000 prize app
    competition, libqt4-maemo5-... packages have been deprecated and
    will be removed

  * APPLICATIONS: WeatherBug for Maemo 5, Forthcoming update to Sygic
    Mobile Maps 10 demoed on video

  * DEVELOPMENT: Open, automated, testing of Qt changes

  * DEVICES: MeeGo UX on an Intel-based tablet device

  * ANNOUNCEMENTS: IBM, ARM, Linux Foundation and others announce
    Linaro, maemo-scrobbler submits listening history to last.fm,
    Portrait virtual keyboard for Maemo 5 under development, ...and 4


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