[MWKN] Maemo Weekly News for Monday, 21 Jun 2010

Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Mon Jun 21 13:26:22 EEST 2010


   "Bananas and pears", that was the oddly chosen name for a
wiki document on meego.com  describing the "Handset UX" user
interface guidelines. These groundrules  for the MeeGo system, and
third party applications, were uncovered by  Reggie Suplido before the
wiki page was deleted. However, things of  interest on the Internet
never stay hidden for long, so it's still available. From the
introduction, "MeeGo is a direct touch UI, meaning that users
manipulate objects, such as a  thumbnail of an image, directly through
touch interactions. Content is	surfaced and navigation hierarchies
should be shallow and accessed	through simple navigation systems. In
addition to direct touch, MeeGo is  optimized for multi-tasking usage
and provides a rich platform  integrated Applications. The MeeGo
interface is scalable for different  screen sizes, resolutions, and
aspect ratios and it supports both  portrait and landscape
orientations." In your editor’s opinion, the  document seems to
describe a nice mix of existing Maemo 5 features  (top-left button,
menus from the title) with new enrichments to improve  the general
flow. The principles about interaction speed and flow will  be just
that - principles, however hopefully redeveloping the stack from  the
ground up, and having complete control over Qt, will mean a much  more
fluid UI than has been achieved on the N900 to date.

   The link  below goes to the original Talk discussion thread, which
now links to  various mirrors, including Google Cache and Engadget.

    - http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=56410

   Quim Gil has pointed to the roadmap and timeline for release
planning purposes of MeeGo 1.1, due in October. According to the
document, marketing will receive the release the week commencing 14th
October; with general availability (GA) the following week: 21st

   Of course the realities of software development mean that plans are
always subject to change, but it seems a weekly agile approach is being
followed which fixes time and quality, but instead varies features.

    - http://wiki.meego.com/Release_Engineering/Plans/1.1

  * FRONT PAGE: MeeGo Handset UX style guide unveiled  early (and now
    hidden), Road to MeeGo 1.1

  * APPLICATIONS: Augmented reality on	N900

  * DEVELOPMENT: Nokia opening Ovi  Store up to individuals rather than
    just VAT-registered companies?, MeeGo open	requirements process,
    Hosting Maemo and  MeeGo build systems together, MeeGo developer 
    "buddy" system proposed, PyMaemo's guide to  packaging Python
    applications without Scratchbox

  * DEVICES: Ultimate MeeGo  Dictionary, PR1.2 hildon-desktop  has
    random CPU eating bug when using menu sub-sections, N8x0 3D
    accelerator  running OpenGL ES tests

  * ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ansel-A digital  darkroom for N900, FastSMS:
    portrait, T9  SMS writing, rotatedaemon gives  360 degree rotation,
    ...and 4 more


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