[MWKN] Maemo Weekly News for Monday, 28 Jun 2010

Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Mon Jun 28 09:00:02 EEST 2010


   The Maemo Community Council, an elected body of five representatives
for the Maemo community, approached Nokia formally about a response to
bug #10366 and the forced subscription of users to their
"MyNokia" service - without the possibility of opting out -
when upgrading to PR1.2. Nokia have engaged on the bug report, and Quim
Gil is raising the issue of the missing opt-out within the Fremantle
maintenance programme. However, the official reply is standard sterile
Big Corp condescension and hubris: "The first use of the latest
software for Nokia mobile computers include functionality preparing the
device for the service use on behalf of the consumer. In this
connection Nokia also provides the consumer with the possibility to
receive support messages to assist the consumer get the most out of the
purchased Nokia mobile computer. These messages include tips on the
capabilities and features of the Nokia devices and available services
and features. We believe that these support messages are for the
benefit of the consumer and help those consumers who are not yet fully
aware of the possibilities their devices offer to make the most out of
their purchase." Graham Cobb, a former council member, has been
involved in the community discussions around this and has produced a
tool, "notmynokia", which can be installed prior to the
upgrade to REALLY give the user the "possibility" to receive
support messages. The package tricks the system into thinking the user
has already accepted the terms, and so does not present a dialogue box
of which the choices are, effectively, "yes; I'd love to
subscribe to this useful service" and "yes; please subscribe
me to this valuable service".

   The council goes on to suggest that users who have not yet upgraded
investigate the tool before they do so. Further information on
"notmynokia" is available later in this issue in the
"Applications" section.

    - http://maemo.org/community/council/nokia_response_to_mynokia_subscription_in_pr1-2/

   This week should be bringing us the MeeGo Handset "Day
One" on Wednesday when the Handset UX will finally be released for
public consumption. ""It's what we call Day One for the MeeGo
handset release," Halla explained. "The productized release
of the software is still (set for release in) October of this year, but
this is a kind of pre-Alpha release."" This is one of the last big
pieces of MeeGo still being developed behind closed doors, so hopefully
this release signals the end of the "big reveal" mentality
that has been plaguing MeeGo and undermining the ceaseless claims of it
being an "open project".

    - http://www.fiercedeveloper.com/story/handset-version-meego-set-june-30-release/2010-06-21

  * FRONT PAGE: Nokia response to forced MyNokia subscription in PR1.2,
    MeeGo Handset "Day One" - 30th June

  * APPLICATIONS: Joikuspot for now Available at Ovi Store, notmynokia
    - prevent unopt-outable registration with MyNokia "service" when
    upgrading to PR1.2, Video demonstration of MyPaint with custom

  * DEVELOPMENT: Setuptools for tranisfex-mobile, Nokia Qt SDK 1.0
    released, Reusable QML components for rapid Qt development

  * COMMUNITY: Proposed guidelines for talk.maemo.org forums, MeeGo
    Conference in November ramping up

  * DEVICES: Pre-Alpha MeeGo for tablets demo, Android 2.2 (codenamed
    "Froyo") on N900, VTE V7/iBrowser runs "Maemo" (4?)

  * MAEMO IN THE WILD: MeeGo to run on all Nokia N-series devices after

  * ANNOUNCEMENTS: Firefox (mobile) 1.1 RC1 available, LightMeter
    application for photographers, DrLaunch rotating desktop widget
    puts icons right way up in portrait, New version of MediaBox


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