[Osm2go-users] Licence question

Till Harbaum till at harbaum.org
Sun Jun 6 23:40:42 EEST 2010


oops, this is supposed GPLv3 at all places. Fixed in SVN.


Am Sonntag 06 Juni 2010 schrieb Fabian Affolter:
> Hi,
> In the source tarball is a COPYING file with the GPL 3.0 license text
> and the source code file contains a header that claims that the license
> is GPLv3+. So fare so good.
> The data/ directory contains a COPYING file with GPL 2. Now I just want
> to know if this license is designated for the content of the /data
> directory.
> For the Fedora Package collection we need to know exactly under what
> license and what version of the license the source is published to avoid
> further discussions.
> Kind regards,
> Fabian

Dr. Till Harbaum <Till at Harbaum.org>

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