[pymaemo] bsddb module for maemo-python ?

Fred Pacquier fredp at dial.oleane.com
Tue Jan 8 22:39:40 EET 2008

> Hi,
> Does anyone have the bsddb module for maemo-python, or know where to
> find it ?
> I don't know why it's been excluded from the maemo distribution : it's
> not that big, and its absence means some existing software cannot be
> reused easily on the tablets - like the very interesting Gluon:
> http://mdp.cti.depaul.edu/
> It should at least be available in the "dev" package, or as a separate
> download, but I don't see it anywhere, even in Red Pill Mode.
> In this list's archives I see that Heino Schwarz was also looking for it 
> last March. Is it very difficult to build bsddb for Maemo ?
> Thanks for any pointers,
> fp

Hello, anybody home ? :-)

Here is some more info on the problem : actually it does not seem to 
come from the base python package, but from the python-dev one.

Taking for example this code snippet :

import shelve

If only the base python package is installed it runs just fine (using, I 
guess, anydbm).

But if the python-dev package is added (to get one of the missing 
modules), now the same code fails, because dbhash gets called, and it 
depends on bsddb which is not present.

Can anything be done about this ?


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