[Testingsquad-list] email addresses as bug tracker

Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Fri Aug 6 18:42:16 EEST 2010

Am 06.08.2010 14:50, schrieb Attila Csipa:
> On Thursday 05 August 2010 15:54:30 Ian Stirling wrote:
>>> As explained at this wiki page an email address is good enough for
>>> "simple" apps like background pictures.
>> There is also a obvious problem with email as tracker - especially if
>> they are not verified.
>> I wasn't sure if a segfault was due to smething in the app, or my
>> system, so I mailed the author on the bugtracker link.
> I understand that, though the same applies to web-based bugtrackers - while we
> may say the maemo bugzilla or garage is okay, there is no guarantee that a
> homemade bugzilla install will be present over a longer period of time. Just
> sayin' (OTOH I also think it would be very wrong to FORCE people using our
> bugtrackers if they don't want to).

Beside all technical reasons which make a reporting solution failing... 
I never would force developers to do something or not. Even if the 
choice of their preferred way to send bugs is something good for 
themselves (often) but bad for reporters (email).

But here we are talking about the _extras_ repository which _is enabled 
by default_ on the n900 and it shouldn't be only the decision of the 
developer what kind of reporting tool is used.

If the developer _never_ gives a reaction on bug reports...

1. ...by mail reporters will send more and more reports to the address 
without getting a feedback what is very frustrating.

2. ...by a tracker like the one in garage the reporter has the chance to 
see what is already reported and a decision to report or not to report 
could be done easily.

Developing apps costs a lot of time and effort but reporting bugs in a 
good way also needs a lot of time. So at least for the apps in extras 
there should be a higher level of reporting possibility than mailing.

Please let me know what is your opinion.

Best regards Uwe

Uwe Kaminski

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