[Testingsquad-list] KISStester

Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Wed Aug 11 13:11:19 EEST 2010

Some of you might have already heard that there is a little PyQt app (by 
yours truly) to make testing less painful. The app runs on your N900
and has a few special powers compared to what you do now, most
importantly being able to list the applications that you have installed
and that are in need of voting, plus naturally the ability to actually
vote on packages. Now, such an app can easily wreak havoc in testing,
especially in it's current, WiP state, so there is a failsafe in place.
After you familiarize yourself with the app and get to a dialog that
says you're in read-only mode, you can enable write-mode by creating 
a /home/user/.kisstester_rw file (contents or size not important). This
is just to avoid random people thumbing all-over the place until we iron
out the kinks.

Note - it is VERY rough around the edges. VERY rough, so be careful and
at least in this first phase doublecheck what you do on the web
interface so we minimize inconvenience to developers. Treat this release
as a special tech-preview.

Color code legend:

The BORDER color signals YOUR already cast votes. Green is T-up, red is T-down
The TEXT color signals the unlock status (like on the web). Green text means
the package is unlocked, red means it has negative karma.

Known issues:
- comments for thumbs-downs are not recorded
- some operations miss progress bars, and those that do have them
don't handle them properly
- details and install buttons don't yet work
- package/queue details are not cached so startup is slow

Comments welcome !

PS. The app should appear in extras-devel shortly

Best regards,

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