[Testingsquad-list] backgrounding/lock QA fail

Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Mon Aug 16 12:59:50 EEST 2010

I see we have a few apps (especially ports and stuff using SDL) that do not 
know how to suspend themselves and therefore it fails the QA. Now, the problem 
is that often it is non-trivial to fix/support this, and it's not that easy to 
point people to the right resources (due to the number of technologies 
involved). Often the people involved are not the authors, just maintainers, so 
their understanding of the inner workings/event loops of the apps is rather 
limited, making things even more difficult. Now, I was thinking, as this sort of 
bug is a kind of a 'be aware' type, is that maybe we could allow these to pass 
if they made it clear to the user they are not able to suspend themselves. A 
popup after install, or a Hildon banner before/during startup... that sort of 
thing - which is easy to add to existing apps. I agree the best would be to 
have it done right, but OTOH I would hate to sentence dozens of otherwise 
functional and polished apps to extras-devel just because of this. Thoughts ?

Best regards,

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