[Testingsquad-list] super-testers

Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Tue Jul 6 21:54:15 EEST 2010

I would like to ask for the opinion of testers on this list on the super-
tester program. The inital rules implemented by Niels are as follows:


Currently 3 votes down from the testers will demote an application when
the 20 day limit is reached. This should take care of the obviously broken
lingering packages.

When 3 votes up and after 20 days -> promotion unlock.

The developers will receive an unlock/reject mail.

The testers will only be able to influence promote/reject when at least 3
votes are the same and less than 3 differ.


Now, the tricky part, the admin section. The initial admins are Council 
members (i.e. Council members can promote/demote someone into a super-tester). 
Now, for the actual people who would be super-testers. It should be clear that 
being a super-tester is something that should be a result of a proven testing 
track record, and that it shouldn't be taken lightly. I also urge future 
super-testers to use their powers wisely - being a super-tester is not about 
demonstrating force and vanity - it is about helping stuck packages get to 
users (or out of testing if they have blockers), but you already know this.

My initial proposition is to bootstrap the list of super-testers with the 
current top 10 testers (visible at 
http://maemo.org/profile/list/category/packagetesting/ ), with the option of 
someone applying for super-tester status when having a *tester* karma of 100 
(and probably the recommendation/guarantee of an existing super-tester or 
Council member). Generally, I don't expect someone to be demoted from super-
tester status, but let's have a suggestion there, too - in case of abuse, a 
super-tester can suggest demotion which will be put in front of the 
Council/admin body for formal consideration if there are two more super-
testers who support the notion.

Now that we have the ball rolling, ideas, comments welcome. Remember, it's 
going work the way we make it - and the goal is to make things *smoother* and 
simpler, while keeping in mind the original goals of extras-testing.

Attila Csipa,
Community Council and Testing Squad member

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