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Dear all,

As we haven't receive any answer from Henri or Niels, it would be probably
not possible to arrange the IRC meeting  today. We can try next week.

Rob, do you know any other contact for Maemo.org administration tasks?


2012/3/6 Iván Gálvez Junquera <ivgalvez at gmail.com>

> OK, I obviously confused the terms as the QA list of packages at Maemo.org
> shows votes indicating the voter as "Tester" instead of "Supertester". In
> fact all the TMO discussion we already had, considered that Supertester
> would be a different role than Tester. You can see the discussion in this
> thread <http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=82374>.
> Correcting my previous email:
> *Rationale:*
> Lack of testers and maintainers for applications have derived in a lot of
> applications getting stuck at Extras Testing  even if they are suitable for
> promotion.
> We have even reach a situation in which most applications are not even
> promoted by their developers to Testing (from Devel) due to the difficulty
> to promote to Extras. The whole promotion system is perceived as useless.
> *Solution:*
> Considering that Maemo community is shrinking, we cannot continue with the
> actual process. We need to both fix some issues in the whole process of
> promotion and also grant more administrative privileges to Supertesters.
> *New members proposed as Supertesters:*
> These people have been suggested to become new Supertesters:
> Demolition
> vi_
> ammyt
> ivgalvez
> Please any one else interested in become a new Superster send an email to
> this mailing list.
> *Proposed changes for the promotion process:*
> This should be the easiest part of the changes that we are proposing.
> - Promotion of applications from Testing to Extras should be automatic
> once the requirements are fulfilled. No need of maintainer to actively
> promoting the application.
> This will allow orphaned applications to be promoted.
> - Only one Supertester vote, enough to promote an application.
> - Five User votes, enough to promote an application.
> We are running out of man power.
> All other criteria could be maintained as they are now.
> Proposed new permissions/abilities for Supertesters:
> - Add a new developer to maintainer list of any package.
> - Delete a package from the repository.
> - Edit bugtracker link.
> - Ability to promote a package not only from Testing to Extras but also
> from Devel to Testing.
> - Ability to downgrade a package from Extras to Testing, and even to
> Devel.
> - Ability to prevent automatic promotion of a package from Testing to
> Extras (to avoid popular but potentially dangerous app to be promoted
> automatically if reached the number of user votes needed).
> So we should try to keep IRC conversation on how to achieve those points
> (already discussed at TMO).
> Please Henri and Niels, can you provide any preference on when to have
> that meeting?
> Regards
> 2012/3/6 Andrew Flegg <andrew at bleb.org>
>> 2012/3/6 Iván Gálvez Junquera <ivgalvez at gmail.com>:
>> >
>> > If creating a new role (Supertesters) could be problematic from an
>> > administration point of view, I think we can simply grant more
>> abilities to
>> > already existing Testers.
>> Supertesters already exist. I think you need to be careful not to look
>> like the current process is misunderstood when proposing changes :-)
>> > - Only one Tester vote, enough to promote an application.
>> > - Five User votes, enough to promote an application.
>> Is there a current role of "tester"? AIUI, there are two roles:
>>  * Logged in user
>>  * Supertester
>> The "Testing Squad" and "testers" are just people, self-organising via
>> this list, which commit to test multiple applications; even ones
>> they're not usually interested in. They fit into the first role.
>> "Supertesters" were introduced to deal with a bottleneck or stalemate
>> to help get things over the hurdle which were somewhat niche and
>> needed more testing.
>> It would probably also be worth shining more light on this topic and
>> linking up with the apps.formeego.org QA process so that similar
>> missteps can be avoided for Harmattan apps. Fortunately, bergie &
>> X-Fade are already intimately involved with the delivery there, but it
>> might be worth engaging the wider development community who are
>> affected by this kind of change.
>> Cheers,
>> Andrew
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