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2010-06-09 Andrew FleggMerge branch 'master' of git@
2010-06-09 Andrew FleggFix-up manual matching to work off new friend class.
2010-06-09 Fredrik WendtFriend now has _source field again :)
2010-06-09 Fredrik WendtMerge branch 'master' of git@wendt.se:hermes
2010-06-09 Fredrik WendtFriend now accepts initial properties (simplify during...
2010-06-09 Andrew FleggFix updating of contacts, and change method name. Also...
2010-06-09 Fredrik Wendtminor cleanup in hermes.py
2010-06-09 Fredrik WendtFriend cleaned up
2010-06-09 Fredrik Wendtchanged to Friend return None for fields not set instea...
2010-06-09 Andrew FleggDependency inject service ID, so that it can be stamped...
2010-06-08 Fredrik Wendtadded get_contact, set_contact and __getitem__ to Friend
2010-06-08 Fredrik WendtFriend constructor doesn't require a name
2010-06-06 Fredrik Wendtmostly cleanup, minor adds, pseudo code in gtkui.py
2010-06-06 Andrew FleggAdd preferences UI for Facebook. Tidy up lose ends...
2010-06-06 Fredrik Wendtcleaned up linked in service, added test
2010-06-06 Fredrik Wendtmerge, moved tests around
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtadded Friend (a data container)
2010-04-14 Andrew FleggRefactor improvements from Fredrik Wendt; and initial...

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