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2010-06-09 Fredrik Wendtminor cleanup in hermes.py
2010-06-09 Andrew FleggImplement progress bars and fix a few bugs.
2010-06-09 Fredrik Wendtfixed list error (add > append)
2010-06-09 Andrew FleggDependency inject service ID, so that it can be stamped...
2010-06-08 Fredrik Wendtneed to wrap evolution contacts in engine.contact.Conta...
2010-06-08 Andrew FleggMerge branch 'master' of git@
2010-06-08 Fredrik Wendtwork in progress
2010-06-08 Andrew FleggUpdate contactview to show photo, name and then the...
2010-06-07 Andrew FleggJoin up GUI, by adding 'Hermes' as a wrapper around...

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