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2010-07-25 Andrew FleggRe-implement the GetFriends() of python-twitter with...
2010-07-03 Andrew FleggAdd missing import to Twitter service to deal with...
2010-07-03 Andrew FleggHandle Twitter multiple matches; fixes MB#10667
2010-06-13 Andrew FleggFix import when dealing with Twitter service failures.
2010-06-10 Andrew FleggLet other syncs continue in the event of a Twitter...
2010-06-09 Fredrik Wendtminor cleanup in hermes.py
2010-06-09 Fredrik Wendtremoved deprecated _create_friend in engine.service
2010-06-09 Andrew FleggDependency inject service ID, so that it can be stamped...
2010-06-08 Fredrik Wendtremoved debug print statements
2010-06-08 Fredrik Wendtadded friend['contact'] to Twitter service, plus tests
2010-06-06 Fredrik Wendtmerge, moved tests around
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtuncomplete adjustments to avoid name collision
2010-04-14 Andrew FleggRefactor improvements from Fredrik Wendt; and initial...
2010-01-10 Andrew FleggFirst pass of new structure. test.py is the only entryp...

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