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2009-11-04 Andrew FleggUndo content changes to index.html
2009-11-03 Tim SamoffAltered index.html, index.htm, and hermes.css.
2009-11-01 Andrew FleggAdd bug numbers and reflect current development priorties
2009-10-31 Andrew FleggUpdate roadmap to reflect 0.2.0
2009-10-28 Tim SamoffModified index.html, index.htm, and hermes.css.
2009-10-26 Tim SamoffRenamed index.htm to index.html.
2009-10-26 Tim SamoffDeleting old files.
2009-10-20 Andrew FleggUpdate webpage to reflect 0.1.0
2009-10-17 Andrew FleggSlightly improve website
2009-10-16 Andrew FleggFix validation errors
2009-10-16 Andrew FleggPut some more content on the homepage. Still a placeholder!
2009-10-12 Andrew FleggFirst draft of website using timsamoff's large logo

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