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2010-06-07 Andrew FleggChange the block_for_auth API so that an argument can...
2010-06-07 Andrew FleggMove API keys to hermes.postinst, and centralise browse...
2010-06-06 Fredrik WendtMerge branch 'master' of git@wendt.se:hermes
2010-06-06 Fredrik Wendtmostly cleanup, minor adds, pseudo code in gtkui.py
2010-06-06 Andrew FleggMake cancelling Facebook prefs return 'None', as per...
2010-06-06 maemoAdd Gravatar & LinkedIn icons.
2010-06-06 Andrew FleggStore Facebook username in gconf when authorisation...
2010-06-06 Andrew FleggAdd preferences UI for Facebook. Tidy up lose ends...
2010-06-06 Fredrik Wendtpolished test_syncjob
2010-06-06 Fredrik WendtMerge branch 'master' of wendt.se:hermes
2010-06-06 Fredrik Wendtcleaned up linked in service, added test
2010-06-06 Andrew FleggConsolidate build environments.
2010-06-06 Andrew FleggAdd accounts' dialogue for the new providers, and make...
2010-06-06 Fredrik Wendtmerge, moved tests around
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtremoved unused files
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtproject files
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendttemporary checking of unit tests
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtuncomplete adjustments to avoid name collision
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtnew service - Gravatar
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtrewrite to match new service API and enable some testing
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtnew service - LinkedIn, first ugly fast hack
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendta worker that process the specified contacts with the...
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtadded Friend (a data container)
2010-06-05 Fredrik Wendtadded try-except block to contact.set_photo()
2010-04-14 Andrew FleggRefactor improvements from Fredrik Wendt; and initial...
2010-04-14 Andrew FleggUpdate PyDev project to run in ESBox and allow `import...
2010-01-10 Andrew FleggFirst pass of new structure. test.py is the only entryp...
2010-01-10 Andrew FleggAdd Eclipse project settings and make indent-level...
2009-12-29 Marko Vertainenl10n: First Finnish translation.
2009-12-29 Andrew Fleggl10n: Swedish translations provided by Fredrik Wendt,
2009-12-29 korkil10n: Polish language addition.
2009-12-13 Andrew FleggInclude Transifex link in development section.
2009-12-13 Andrew FleggPrepare for 0.2.3 release 0.2.3
2009-12-13 Andrew FleggSupport remapping an existing contact's bindings.
2009-12-12 Andrew FleggPass UN-i18ned messages through to add_menu_action...
2009-12-12 Andrew FleggInclude python-gobject dependency (reported by Uwe...
2009-12-12 Andrew FleggTry to tolerate Facebook violating their own API (i...
2009-12-12 Andrew FleggUpdate header info for base translation.
2009-12-12 Andrew FleggInclude French translations (provided by Nicolas Grazia...
2009-12-12 Andrew FleggAdded translation mechanism (supplied by Nicolas Grazia...
2009-11-04 Andrew FleggUpdate "Get It" with information about released app
2009-11-04 Andrew FleggUndo content changes to index.html
2009-11-04 Andrew FleggUndo change to index.htm
2009-11-03 Tim SamoffAltered index.html, index.htm, and hermes.css.
2009-11-01 Andrew FleggFix #5980 (default Twitter pics) and Facebook UIDs... 0.2.2
2009-11-01 Andrew FleggAdd bug numbers and reflect current development priorties
2009-10-31 Andrew Flegg0.2.1: fixes Facebook UIDs > MAX_INT, reported by atilla 0.2.1
2009-10-31 Andrew FleggUpdate roadmap to reflect 0.2.0
2009-10-31 Andrew FleggBah, install breaks mymind 0.2.0
2009-10-31 Andrew FleggAdd manual mapping for 0.2.0 release
2009-10-30 Andrew FleggTry to sort out missing changes. Bah at git
2009-10-30 Andrew FleggMerge branch 'master' of https:/.maemo.org/projects...
2009-10-30 Andrew FleggChange GUI to use WimpWorks
2009-10-28 Andrew FleggFirst attempt at splitting out main GUI code into WimpWorks
2009-10-28 Tim SamoffModified index.html, index.htm, and hermes.css.
2009-10-27 Andrew FleggAdd copyright to Makefile
2009-10-27 Andrew FleggAdd index.htm to ensure existing URLs floating around...
2009-10-26 Tim SamoffRenamed index.htm to index.html.
2009-10-26 Tim SamoffDeleting old files.
2009-10-26 Tim SamoffNew website design (v1.0).
2009-10-25 Andrew FleggAdd bug tracker URL to package control file
2009-10-25 Andrew FleggUpdate welcome message for gitweb
2009-10-23 Andrew FleggInclude screenshot functionality in main window.
2009-10-23 Andrew FleggRename background image, and make code render it and...
2009-10-23 Andrew FleggNew artwork, including application background from...
2009-10-20 Andrew FleggUpdate webpage to reflect 0.1.0
2009-10-20 Andrew FleggBig update to 0.1.0. Improved error handling, syncing... 0.1.0
2009-10-17 Andrew FleggAttempt to normalize strings to avoid accent problems
2009-10-17 Andrew FleggSlightly improve website
2009-10-16 Andrew FleggFix validation errors
2009-10-16 Andrew FleggPut some more content on the homepage. Still a placeholder!
2009-10-13 Andrew FleggImprove error handling; including flaky comms and faile...
2009-10-13 Andrew FleggAdd gitweb welcome file back in
2009-10-13 Andrew FleggAdd v0.0.6 of Hermes from source tarball 0.0.6
2009-10-13 Andrew FleggAdd v0.0.5 of Hermes from source tarball 0.0.5
2009-10-13 Andrew FleggAdd v0.0.4 of Hermes from source tarball 0.0.4
2009-10-13 Andrew FleggAdd v0.0.3 of Hermes from source tarball 0.0.3
2009-10-13 Andrew FleggAdd v0.0.2 of Hermes from source tarball 0.0.2
2009-10-13 Andrew FleggAdd v0.0.1 of Hermes from source tarball 0.0.1
2009-10-12 Andrew FleggFirst draft of website using timsamoff's large logo
2009-10-12 www-datawelcome

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