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2012-03-05 John PietrzakKeyset update
2012-03-03 John PietrzakBug fixes, new panel
2012-03-01 John PietrzakNew GUI, many changes
2012-02-24 John PietrzakVersion 1.0 of Pierogi, "A Fistful of Pierogies"
2012-02-23 John PietrzakFix for volume rocker bug
2012-02-21 John PietrzakMore Keysets
2012-02-20 John PietrzakMemory Management Improved
2012-02-18 John PietrzakLots of Keysets
2012-02-16 John PietrzakMore Keysets
2012-02-15 John PietrzakAdded Hildon Banners, bugfixes, new keysets
2012-02-14 John PietrzakMapped rocker switch to favorite keysets
2012-02-13 John PietrzakLG Bugfix, more keysets
2012-02-11 John PietrzakMoved Mute button, lots new keysets
2012-02-10 John PietrzakFirst Extras-Testing Candidate Release
2012-02-09 John PietrzakMissed a file in previous commit
2012-02-09 John PietrzakAnother "final" fix to the installer
2012-02-06 John PietrzakPossible Uninstall Fix, plus cleanup, more keysets
2012-02-03 John PietrzakUpdate to documentation/website
2012-02-03 John PietrzakGui updated, many keyset changes
2012-01-31 John PietrzakImproved to "half-way usable" (version 0.5)
2012-01-25 John PietrzakFirst attempt to implement RC6 Protocol
2012-01-23 John PietrzakStill fixing install, more keyset work
2012-01-19 John PietrzakFixed installation and nasty exit bug
2012-01-14 John PietrzakImproved Keyset Selection Window
2012-01-09 John PietrzakModprobe scripts now working! Plus JVC keyset.
2012-01-01 John PietrzakWelcome to the first commit of the first version of...

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