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2013-09-29 Luciano MontanaroRemoved duplicate stations harmattan-port
2013-09-29 Luciano MontanaroA few more stations added to the station list
2013-09-29 Luciano MontanaroUpdated translations
2013-09-29 Luciano MontanaroImplement inverted theme mode
2013-09-29 Luciano MontanaroAdd a menu item to chose a dark theme
2013-09-25 Luciano Montanaroinitialize target member in KeyPressForwarder
2013-09-25 Luciano MontanaroFix a typo in a comment
2013-09-25 Luciano MontanaroLog error code in case of network error
2013-09-25 Luciano MontanaroFix error reporting in the station page
2013-07-28 Luciano MontanaroDefault to changed viaggiatreno URL
2013-07-28 Luciano MontanaroUpdated README and copyright files
2013-07-28 Luciano MontanaroRemoved duplicate stations
2012-07-28 Luciano MontanaroFix single instance, use meegotouch icon
2012-07-13 Luciano MontanaroUpdated web site tags/0.5.0
2012-07-13 Luciano MontanaroAdded new screenshots for 0.50/Meego Harmattan
2012-07-12 Luciano MontanaroBumped version number to 0.5.0
2012-07-10 Luciano MontanaroTry to use booster
2012-07-10 Luciano MontanaroFix Search Toolbar transition
2012-07-10 Luciano MontanaroCompile with no debug for release
2012-07-10 Luciano MontanaroRemove dead code
2012-02-04 Luciano MontanaroHandle error pages in the schedule model
2012-01-29 Luciano MontanaroAdded refresh button to station schedule page
2012-01-29 Luciano MontanaroReworked interface to work with taller fonts in Harmatt...
2012-01-29 Luciano MontanaroMitigate GPS polling slowdown
2012-01-18 Luciano MontanaroAnimate the Search bar
2012-01-17 Luciano MontanaroWhie space fix
2012-01-16 Luciano MontanaroRemoved debugging display
2012-01-16 Luciano MontanaroChange mergelist so that the field order remains the...
2012-01-15 Luciano MontanaroRegenerated station list.
2012-01-15 Luciano MontanaroUse the new code field to fetch the station schedule
2012-01-15 Luciano MontanaroActually make the code visible to QML
2012-01-15 Luciano MontanaroMake the station code visible to QML
2012-01-15 Luciano MontanaroFix mergelist.xq script
2012-01-15 Luciano MontanaroAdded xmlpattern script to merge station codes
2012-01-13 Luciano MontanaroParse the "code" element in the qpl file
2012-01-13 Luciano MontanaroPrepare theDataProvider class for the StationCode query...
2012-01-12 Luciano Montanarouse === instead of ==
2012-01-12 Luciano MontanaroBumped version to 0.4.82, beta 2 tags/0.4.82
2012-01-12 Luciano MontanaroRegenerated translation
2012-01-12 Luciano MontanaroUpdated translations
2012-01-12 Luciano MontanaroImproved platform display
2012-01-12 Luciano Montanaroupdated translation
2012-01-12 Luciano MontanaroRemoved unneeded element
2012-01-12 Luciano MontanaroImprove display and i18n
2012-01-12 Luciano MontanaroRefactored StationScheduleDelegate to its own file.
2012-01-10 Luciano MontanaroUpdate translations
2012-01-10 Luciano MontanaroFix i18n of header labels
2012-01-09 Luciano MontanaroFix binding loop
2012-01-09 Luciano MontanaroBumped cpatch level, entering Beta tags/0.4.81
2012-01-09 Luciano MontanaroAutoupdate QML changes
2012-01-09 Luciano MontanaroImplemented AutoUpdate
2012-01-08 Luciano MontanaroRemoved unneeded synchronization
2012-01-08 Luciano MontanaroFixed translation of missing files
2012-01-08 Luciano MontanaroUpdated translation file
2012-01-08 Luciano MontanaroRemember preference between arrivals and departures
2012-01-08 Luciano MontanaroRework user interface
2012-01-08 Luciano MontanaroFix undefined value
2012-01-08 Luciano MontanaroFix menu not working, and warning about anchors
2012-01-08 Luciano MontanaroPrint number of stations loaded on loading.
2012-01-08 Luciano MontanaroAdded (currently disabled) resources file
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroMerge branch 'harmattan-port'
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroRegenerated station list
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdd ability to check train details
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroDisplay the platform information in the Station schedul...
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroActually make the new fields accessible through the...
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdded platform getters setters to the scheduleItem...
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdded delay class indicator
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroFix StationScheduleModel QML field name
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroRemoved the Toolbar from the PageStack component
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroUse the StationScheduleModel new type property
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroWhitespace only change
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroUse (begin/end)ResetModel() when loading items in the...
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdded type property to StationScheduleModel
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroHandle recent station updates
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroFix recentStations settings
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroChanged station list so that it also fetches arrivals...
2011-12-27 Luciano Montanarodd new file to application.pro
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroTweaked UI, moved common code to its own component
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroImprove layout of station list page
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroMissing conversions.
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroRefactoring DefaultMargins -> DefaultMargin
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroFix missing desktop file during installation
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroShow schedules
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroShow data for the schedule
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdded a few more constants to the constants file
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroParse remaiing fields for departures/arrivals
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdded busy indicator
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdded calls to ensure the model is updated
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroParse the train number, to start and see how to proceed
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroRenamed id to train not to have conflicts with QML
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroUpdate to new ScheduleItem class
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroSplit out StationScheduleItem to its own file set
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroUpdated icon for control file
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdded arrow symbol to schedule list
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroStart of a proper station schedule parsing.
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdaptations for StationScheduleModel class
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdd debugging statement to dataprovider
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroUpdated qml files to reflect C++ changes
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroChanged the way the station schedule model is loaded
2011-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdded a new InfoBar component

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